Alcohol Rehab Centers In Connecticut

When asking about alcohol rehabilitation centers in Connecticut, people are left confused in choosing the right option because Connecticut is bustling with rehab centers. On one hand, every one of these centers offers basic treatment for substance abuse. All centers show respect, care, and love for people involved in alcohol addiction.

All guarantee the use of the most advanced curative options, therapeutic, and non-medicinal addiction therapy have today. On the other hand, each one of them offers something unique to its patients. Some rehab centers offer a beautiful environment while others offer spiritual detoxification. Some specialize in teenage alcoholism and others are able to handle a broader age category.

High Watch Recovery Center is a rehab center in Connecticut that has trained professional therapists. They incorporate modern treatment techniques with the spiritual teachings of Alcoholism Anonymous in an attempt to cleanse both mind and body of the addiction. Success rates are at a record high and patients are usually known to follow the 12-step program even after full recovery has been made.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In Connecticut

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat provides a nurturing environment for female alcoholics. They use the 12-step recovery plan and additional psychotherapy to counter co-occurring problems. At the same time, Eden Hill strives to easily return recovered patients to the daily routines from which they had disassociated themselves.

Turning Point offers an easy, post-recovery transition program which combines working, studying, music, art, dance, peer learning, and immense staff support to motivate individuals and show them the positive aspects of life.

For a guaranteed permanent solution, opt for St. Jude’s Retreat House. This rehab center in Connecticut boasts of over twenty years of success through non-medicinal treatment by finding a permanent solution which eradicates addiction.

In the case of adolescent or teen substance abuse, Rushford at Stonegate is the rehab center to turn to. Professionals here specialize in assessment, treatment, intervention, and relapse therapy techniques for children. They provide necessary visual examples and follow certified programs to get to the core of the problem. Alcoholism is becoming rampant in teenagers, especially in third world countries where laws against underage drinking are improperly enforced. Accessibility and affordability are two factors responsible for this prevalent problem.

A few other centers include The Way Back, which offers a two-stage program. National Therapeutic Services Inc. are a private rehab centers who has been recognized nationally. Capo by the Sea is yet another example of customized rehab programs made for every patient.

It is not difficult to find a suitable rehab center in Connecticut. The difficulty lies in the individual’s acceptance of the addiction and their will to change. Search engines on the internet provide in-depth details of numerous rehab centers. Addresses and phone numbers are also available online and consultants are waiting to receive calls. Registered rehab centers are also listed in Connecticut’s phone books, which is another good place to check.

All rehab centers give back to alcoholics their routines of life and show them the path to recovery. Their will-power and their desire to return to normality play a pivotal role in shaping their future. Conduct research into the prospective center under consideration. At the same time, if you or a loved one is ready, you shouldn’t hesitate. There is a strong percentage of those who relapse, and the problems can pile up quickly.