Alcohol Rehab Centers In Indiana

As with all states, Indiana has alcohol rehabilitation centers specifically created to assist individuals and families in their quest for regaining a normal life. There are a variety of rehab centers to select from depending on the individual’s circumstances.

The expert at the non-profit Fairbanks Center in Indianapolis has been serving people and families since 1945. They are licensed and accredited, serving people from around the country in their struggle with alcohol addiction.

Fairbanks continually shares studies with several Universities to appraise the outcomes and success of diverse treatments. This benefits Wesleyn University, Indiana University School of Medicine, and other universities in an effort to reach a better understanding and effectiveness. Fairbanks accepts private insurance as well as Medicare and other government financial assistance, and they will work with the patient to find a way to cover treatment.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In Indiana

The Watershed Addiction Programs ‘diverse, specialized curriculum is devoted to their patient’s successful recovery. The experienced, supportive staff advises patients in a variety of components, including grief, trauma, gender-specific addiction, and creating a follow-up plan for continued achievement. Patients are allowed opportunities to meditate and enjoy games and interaction with peers. Delicious, healthy foods are produced by the proficient chef and kitchen staff.

The programs are personalized to offer individual attention to the patient and support for his or her family. The staff at Watershed is complete with doctors, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, and other experienced professionals. Watershed offers an onsite residential alcohol abuse program that includes the opportunity to participate in career development courses. A resource specialist will furnish information about payment options.

The Tara Treatment Center in Franklin, Indianais a unique opportunity to experience a home-like atmosphere with a distinctive multi-disciplinary group of professional personnel. The program at Tara is holistic, preparing individualistic concepts for integrated healing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The important assets to recovery such as anger management, coping methods, and other concepts necessary to a harmonious outcome are available at Tara. The ratio of five people to each compassionate, caring counselor offers substantial individual attention to meet the needs of all the patients.

The substance abuse treatment centers include more than a dozen rehab centers in Indiana, many in Indianapolis. The Midtown Community Mental Health Center at 832 North Meridian Street in Indianapolis specializes in addiction treatment for women.

Another Midtown Center is located at 3171 N. Meridian Street, offering outpatient care for adolescents. Yet another Midtown Center, located on 10th street, offers outpatient treatment specifically for women, and pregnant or postpartum women. In general, alternative drugs are administered to counter the withdrawal effects of alcohol.

The Narconon Freedom Center offers an unusual rehab center specializing as a headquarters for celebrities or the wealthy. The importance of a luxurious environment offers the individual and their family familiar comfort in upscale accommodations. The opulence of these surroundings will help them recover more quickly than if they used the type of residential environment other patients normally require.

For those not proposing special accommodations, rehabilitation at the Narconon Freedom Center claims a 70% success rate. The success of rehab encompasses all the conditions of addiction, detoxification, withdrawal, life preparedness courses, and options for support and care after one leaves the center. Each student is taught how to avoid relapse and how to recover their moral and ethical responsibilities. The proper recovery tools are administered in a tranquil, serene atmosphere conducive to recovery.