Alcohol Rehab Centers In Maryland

Selecting the right alcohol rehab center can prove to be of great help in overcoming alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one has finally summoned the courage to acknowledge the problem of alcohol abuse, the next step to take is getting professional help. Once an alcoholic is willing to embark on a journey to lasting recovery, he needs to check into a well-known rehab center where professionals can help him or her kick the habit for good and regain a healthy and normal life.

You can choose any of the following top three alcohol rehabilitation centers in Maryland to beat alcoholism:

Pathways Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center located in Annapolis, Maryland offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for both adolescent and adult alcoholics. This center covers a sprawling area of eight acres of wooded land and is one the finest rehab centers in Maryland.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In Maryland

Its comprehensive alcohol treatment program seeks to cater to the physical, psychological, and social needs of each patient while he is recuperating in the facility. This center offers compassionate care to its residents and encourages strong family involvement to speed up recovery. The inpatient program at this facility includes:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Twenty-four hour nursing care
  • Twelve-step group meetings
  • Addiction and recovery education

Kolmac Clinic is another popular substance abuse center in Maryland that operates five facilities across the state. You can avail its outpatient treatment, rehabilitation, and continuing care facility at various locations throughout the state, including Baltimore, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Townson.

The clinic’s medical staff screens every alcoholic patient during withdrawal, followed by rehab. In this phase, patients are required to attend a three-hour group therapy and education classes five times a week. The last phase of the program is called the continuing care phase that includes weekly group therapy sessions focusing on special issues.

The list of top three rehab centers in Maryland would be incomplete without mentioning Columbia Addictions Center. The certified professionals at this center also help in organizing interventions to pave the way of recovery for addicts. The center’s Operation Breakthrough (OB) education program is ideally suited for people who have been convicted of DUI.

This week-long treatment program includes group discussions, educational lectures, and group exercises to help patients go alcohol-free. This privately-owned facility offers only outpatient treatment programs and holds weekly group discussions pertaining to alcohol and drug education for adults and adolescents. The alcohol counseling groups for adults are further broken down based on gender to encourage group members to talk openly about their problems.

Trying to overcome alcohol addiction is a challenging task that requires a considerable amount of willpower by the patient and his or her dear ones. This, the information, inspiration, and detoxification programs offered by well-known rehab centers play a vital role in helping addicts make a positive change in their life.

Thus, if you too want to recover fully from alcohol addiction, you need to check into a rehab center. The centers mentioned above offer three examples you can look into. There are other centers that may even be a better match for you. You want to find the right fit, and then act as soon as possible if you or a loved one is ready to check in.