Alcohol Rehab Centers In New York

Like what you would expect from any of the major cities around the world, cases of alcohol and drug addiction in New York City are on the rise. In fact, the number of people suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, and many others is astounding.

Although the number of people who continue to suffer in silence is on the rise, more and more people are seeking help, ultimately dropping their addiction, in turn leading a normal life. These people find a temporary home and a place of solace in one of the numerous alcohol rehabilitation centers.

These centers, most of which are privately owned, use different methods to help alcohol addicts deal with their problem. The two most common methods used are inpatient and residential treatment. In essence, there are different factors that determine which of the methods is appropriate. One of the most common determinants is the severity of addiction.

Alcohol Rehab Centers In New York

Inpatient treatment is a 24-hour system used to help people who are heavily addicted. The approach here is to remove the patient from the environment where alcohol is available to a place where he cannot access any. Counseling, monitoring, and moral support are given to the patient constantly. The duration in which the person can stay in the center varies from one center to another. However, on average he or she can stay anywhere between 20-30 days.

Residential treatment is not very different from inpatient treatment. In residential alcohol abuse treatment, the patient also undergoes counseling, monitoring, and group counseling may also take place. The average duration of stay is 28 days. The biggest difference between this form of treatment and inpatient is that the patient can choose to not stay in the center around the clock. He or she can opt to come to the center only at certain times that he or she finds convenient.

Drug rehabilitation is significantly different from these two methods. In drug rehab, several different methods are used to deal with the addiction. These methods usually range from going ‘cold turkey’ to the administration of other substances to offset the withdrawal symptoms. As much as the patient needs support, it is important that he or she understand everything about the rehabilitation procedure.

Finally, it is important to note that there are many cases of alcohol addiction that are caused by psychological factors. Therefore, if you want to find the best rehab center, you need to look for one that addresses the cause of the problem through psychological guidance and moral support.

Most of the centers that only help the person get over the addiction without addressing the psychological issues usually find that person walking back into the center for the same problem just a few months later. Another thing that many specialists suggest is that the person undergoing rehab should attend a center that is far away from where he or she lives.

The thinking behind this is that it subjects him or her to a new environment where he or she accustoms to a new way of life. In familiar environments there are many things that can trigger the urge to drink. Past the initial cessation of drinking, considering factors such as the environment and method of treatment are very important aspects for laying a lasting foundation for recovery.