Signs That Alcohol Rehab Is Needed

Alcoholism can be described as an excessive use of alcohol in which the victim’s body becomes so used to alcohol that it is unable to function properly without it. The body begins to feel that alcohol is a normal part of the system and so it reduces its capacity to function when it senses that there is not enough in the body.

It is well known that addiction to alcohol is very dangerous for both the physical and psychological health of the addict and can cause a lot of pain and division within a family. Sometimes the situation is left unchecked for too long, causing numerous problems for the alcoholic and his or her family and close associates.

The question is, when is the right time to encourage someone to seek treatment 800-303-4415 for an addiction that they barely believe is a problem? What are the vital signs to look out for when, for instance, considering an intervention to encourage a loved one to get help?

Signs That Alcohol Rehab Is Needed

Alcoholism is a problem that manifests itself in a variety of ways, both physically and mentally. Some of the indicators that someone needs help include:

  1. The victim often finds him or herself shaking violently. This phenomenon, called ‘the shakes’, usually happens in advanced cases of alcohol addiction.
  2. Misappropriation of Money – Alcoholics need to spend a lot of money trying to maintain their addiction. However, since they do not want to tell their family that they are using their money on drugs, they try to conceal the fact and lie about how the money has been spent. Many alcoholics are in debt. They cannot find money for their children’s education or other important things, but they always have money to buy a drink.
  3. Failed Efforts to Kick Addiction – Many times while on the path of addiction addicts realize that they are in trouble and that their continued addiction issues are putting them at odds with their family and friends. They also notice changes in their health and weight as a consequence of the addiction. At such times, they will try to stop their drug abuse. They may make two or three attempts on different occasions and still fail. When this happens, it is best for family members to step in and tell them there is treatment that they can undergo to recover completely from struggling with alcohol addiction.
  4. Weight Changes – This is one of the most obvious physical effects of alcohol addiction. Alcoholics often have fluctuating changes in their weight. These include the formation of a protruding belly for those who abuse alcohol, but also general weight loss often caused by the various diseases caused by alcohol abuse.
  5. Disregarding Responsibilities – At the fully-fledged stages of alcohol addiction, addicts rarely have time to attend to their normal responsibilities. They begin to spend more and more time in bars, in complete disregard of their responsibilities to family and employers. Many addicts have been fired from their workplaces because of this, though some may be inclined to seek treatment after receiving a warning from their employer.
  6. Loneliness – This is one of the most painful effects of alcohol addiction. The addict spends too much of his time away from family and friends. It can get so serious that in some cases families have reported seeing their loved ones only after treatment or during intervention meetings after a long period of separation.